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The Teacher Tunnel Podcast is a real, entertaining, and enlightening look at teachers and leaders in education and beyond. We learn from these leaders' narrative, daily rituals, habits, and routines. As a teacher and life-long learner, Jon Belt wants to bring great people and thinkers to the surface and share their stories. 

May 31, 2017
On today’s episode, we have the 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year - Casey Bethel. Casey is the teacher we all want, and his authentic voice and love for the profession is magnified throughout this episode. We learn about his path to the teaching profession, his love of science, his work vs effort rubric, and the book that changed his paradigm to elevate his love of reading. Casey currently teaches AP Biology, Biology, and Physics at New Manchester High School in Douglasville, Georgia. Before that, he taught at Martin Luther King High School in Lithonia, Georgia. He graduated from Fort Valley State University with a degree in Biology (Pre-Med) and he received his Masters in Agronomy which is (plant genetics) from the University of Georgia. So if you’re listening to this on your way to work, laying by the pool, or while you’re doing chores you’re about to be enlightened by another great leader in his field. 
Show Notes
  • Icebreakers (This or That)
  • Moment Casey decided to become a teacher
  • Teacher influences on his love of Science
  • Favorite Failures
    • "I had to take the time to learn how to teach." Casey Bethel
    • "We made each other a promise that we would teacher with our classroom doors open." Casey Bethel
  • Building relationships or Knowing your subject
  • Tony Wagner & James Altucher
  • Is the the public education system obsolete? 
  • Something unique about Casey
  • Casey's outlook on life from past to future
  • Jobs before teaching
  • "Teaching is by far the most fulfilling thing I have ever done." Casey Bethel
  • Expert in? 
  • Better at? 
  • What success looks like to Casey...
  • Casey's third and fourth year teaching (I've got this) 
  • Teacher of the Year not once but twice
  • Goals after winning Teacher of the Year in Georgia
  • Writing process
  • Teachers of the Year in Washington D.C. 
  • Public Speaking processes
  • Book that changed his paradigm
  • Habits to add or subtract
  • Grade Versus Effort (student assessment)
  • Grade Versus Effort Rubric (Attachment)
  • "As my effort in class goes up so does my grade..." Casey Bethel
  • Rituals or Routines 
  • Says the same thing every day to his class before and after it begins
  • Mentoring
  • "Some of them know they're my mentors and some of them don't" Casey Bethel
  • Asking a colleague to be his mentor
  • Hidden Talents
    • Finding the cure for Alzheimer's 
    • Authentic Biochemistry Research
  • Book Recommendations
  • Theme Music
  • Question Casey wished I would have asked
Podcast mentioned in the show
Teaching Learning Leading K12 by Steven Miletto 
Books and Links mentioned in the show 
"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley
"1984" by George Orwell
"Animal Farm"  by George Orwell 
"Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare
"Closing the Attitude Gap" by Baruti Kafele
Superman Theme by John Williams
Where to find Casey
Casey's Twitter
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Casey's Email

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